Friday, September 23, 2011

Winter - Spring 2011

Gigs over the winter have a great side benefit of getting you out into places that have great food and wine, warm fires, and all the fun that goes with visiting quirky country establishments that provide this for local and out-of-town visitors.  Being based in the Central Highlands of Victoria, the cool climate, combined with rich volcanic soil, provides a rich growing environment for all sorts of tasty treats.  It has somehow become home to many artists and musicians, who provide a unique ambiance when indulging at the various venues.

It is a tough job, and someone has to do it, but before you musicians from around the world move here and take all the cream jobs, I have to warn you that the average musician in Australia earns around 12-14 K per year, so you had better bring a picnic with you!

Speaking of music and pay, there are many parts of a musician's life that does not get rewarded, except for the good feelings.  A couple of recent gigs at the local library did not have a paycheck, but they were well received; and I can't believe how much fun it is to actually be "allowed" to make so much noise in a library.  Oughta be illegal, or fattening!

Also judged the two tune pick-off at the annual Guildford Banjo Jamboree, with a new pair of overalls and a silly hat.  Please deliverance me into the good times!  A great September happening just 15 minutes from home, which attracts all sorts of players, I imagine, from far flung hillbilly hideouts.  The part I love best about the festival is playing on the street and letting the crowd grow or leave, a very natural way of keeping or losing an audience.

Hoping that the springtime will add some outdoor gigs again to the calendar.  Come and join in the fun somewhere at one of the local venues here if you are visiting or living in the area and like to enjoy live music with your weekend.

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