Tasma House and Gardens
My reinvented family home where I facilitate others' desires for slow, beautiful meaningful celebrations and gatherings, together with hosting events of personal interest.

Artist Friends:

Patrick Jones -- Patrick, as all true artists, is constantly restless, exploring art in all its glory from many fronts.  He lives his art within walking distance of my home.  His work surrounds me, in my garden, and in the street in Daylesford.  His recent projects include his work as theartistasfamily.  You may enjoy his blog.  I have known Patrick as a sculptor, builder, poet, printmaker, and musician, also as a fine gardener and dad.  Be inspired.
Phil Mac -- Local poet, saw player, blues harp blower, and friend, Phil Mac.  Phil and I have played the street, and the fool together, sometimes his stories and sometimes mine.  He's one of a kind.  One-third of "Shotgun Shack" and a confirmed silly sausage who calls himself Cab Saveloy at times.  Let Phil tell the story............
Mel Ogden -- Landscape Artist extraordinaire, played the major role in the design component of the Tasma Gardens layout.  You can read about the process in the Tasma History booklet, as this was way back n 1998.  A beautiful map was painted by Mel, and it hangs in the main house.  I have taken a crude photo of it and used it as a base for our floor plan for guests to find their way around, but the original is a true work of beauty.  Mel is highly successful and respected Landscape Artist, with a world view but still based in the Central Highlands.
Mark Payne -- I have known Mark as a local, who, like me, has gone, and come back, gone and come back...... many times to places of wonder and excitement.  He comes back and paints what he has seen, without it looking like a travelogue.  He catches romance, whimsey and fun, with cartoon naivety.  His art speaks of itself much better than I can write about it.  I am not trained in any of the arts, but I enjoy a bunch of them.  Mark's work, at times, takes my breath away.
Petrus Spronk -- Petrus is somewhat of a national treasure, with his art represented and collected all over the world.  He is also a local, enhancing our area with his take on the world around him.  His blog can tell you more, if you enjoy a world view from one who has been all over, who now dwells in the Wombat Forest.  A sculptor, potter, poet, philosopher....  The time you spend with Petrus is valuable.  Enjoy your visit.

Dulcimer related links:

Great magazine devoted to all things Dulcimer

Online site with very well used forums and information for those entering the Dulcimer world, or catching up with it.

Dulcimer Playmates from across the globe:

Workshop Presenters:

Filmmakers, teachers, activists, running workshops around the globe

Transition specialist. Change Mastercoach. Works online with clients from all over the world

Favorite places around Daylesford:
Caterers for events, local to the town, using local produce:
Christian from Ego catering has catered events at Tasma House. He also owns and operates “Culinaria” a great local cafe

Gary from Spade to Blade is a chef and respected food writer, with many years local catering experience. Also familiar with Tasma House

Ben, chef and owner of fine local eatery Breakfast and Beer, has also catered weddings and gatherings here at tasma House

Not an exhaustive list, just ones I go to regularly,  or wish that I could go more regularly.

Close by Daylesford:
known for great food, the famous mid week locals breaky, all the way over in Hepburn Springs [about 5 minute’s drive]

Cakes, High Tea, delicious

Recent hat winners, fine food, fine wine, fine vibe. Occasionally music events happen through here from old time appalachian to DJ Jams

Local winemaker Gabriel Horvat’s is the perfect place to indulge in live music while drinking well, and eating artisan quality pizza. Musicians from around the district play early and late sessions on friday, saturday and sunday nights.

Great traditional pub atmosphere, combined with  quality music events and generous meals. They also have a pick up drop off service for those groups who want to enjoy themselves without having to find their way back to unfamiliar lodging

Not far away 15 - 20  minutes:
Radio Springs Hotel Lyonville.
Some say it’s the centre of the universe. Might be , if you are looking for regional musicians combined with a well stocked bar, dining Italian style with the added attraction of authentic Thai on Thursday nights.

Cosmo Hotel Trentham.
A garden, rebuilt stables, and the ruins of a much loved pub, create the backdrop to a meal, fine local musicians, and regional wines.

Redbeard Bakery Trentham.
Years ago I restored and rebuilt an old Scotch Oven, and built a cafe around it. I still own the building so I am biased, but the current operators bake sour dough breads and pastries  in the cafe that others travel for. Occasional live music as well.

Live Music:
If you are interested in having local acts at your event, Nel has the areas musicians details at her website.  She can also co-ordinate , or administer your event.  The pubs/cafes/bars in the area have recently become venues for the many outstanding Musicians and Songwriters living locally. Most venues are free and assume you will buy a meal or a few drinks to help them continue with this fantastic occurrence. Again, I am biased here because  I like to play at a lot of these venues, wearing my Musician’s hat.

Check the local paper ”The Advocate” or street mags “Lost” and “Trouble” for local music happenings, art events, etc.

Other Unique Accommodation in the Region:

Twigs on High, Trentham.
Twigs on High is boutique accommodation in the centre of Trentham.  Once the home of the town’s baker and pastry shop, it is now beautifully presented for a special getaway treat for a couple or small family.  I recommend it because I spent 18 months passionately reinventing and rebuilding it, and I love that the new owners have taken what has been done and adapted it to the current use.  As Molly Meldrum used to say, “do yourself a favour”...... and stay here.
Radio Springs Hotel, Lyonville.  Built around 1927.  Comfortable, cosy, eclectic, and eccentric, with four King-size rooms with private ensuites.  Having stayed there a number of times, I know it's great!